A Guide to Asiatic Parrots

A Guide to Asiatic Parrots by Dr Jack Smith. A revised edition on keeping and breeding Asiatic Parrots from ABK Publications. Information on husbandry and genetic tables to aid in understanding mutation breeding results.

ISBN: 9780958710251

Author: Jack Smith

Page Count: 88

Format: Softcover

Publisher: ABK Publications (30 June 1997)

Condition: NEW


A Guide to Asiatic Parrots  by Dr Jack Smith. This revised edition full colour title with 70 new images covers all species in this group available to the Australian aviculturist.

Individual chapters feature the Indian Ringneck, Alexandrine, Moustache, Plum-head, Derbyan, Malabar, Slaty-headed, Malayan Long-tailed and Blossom-headed Parrots. Details include sexing, housing, including aviary and cage specification, feeding, breeding and health aspects of each species.



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